Train Machu Picchu
To buy your train tickets on a secure and easy way

Our authorization to sell tickets

We are an authorized travel agency registered at the Ministry of Culture, code AG0222. We are in business since 2003 and we have a physical agency downtown Cusco, Peru.

Our main policy is to be reliable and available for our clients. We have a 24 hour or less delay to answer our client's emails or return their calls, we have multilingual agents and several phone numbers in different countries to make it easier for our clients to contact us in English, Spanish and French. These virtual phones are all answered by our local operators in Lima, Peru, who will be glad to assist you.

About our website

Our website is secure, it means that all the information during the purchase is encrypted all the time between your computer and our server. You can easily verify it when you are purchasing: your web browser will show you that the page is secure always with a https (s for secure) at the beginning and a lock displayed. For some browsers:

Internet Explorer

Check for yourself

You can check for yourself that we are listed on the Government’s official website as a registered travel agency. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click in the menu CONSULTAS 1 (Consultation), then Agencias 2 (Agencies).
  3. Enter in the field Buscar 3 (Search) our Agency by its name Fly.On.Net or its code AG0222. Our Agency appears on the list.